Last winter I noticed that my Mum and Dad were spending a long time trying to demist their cars in the morning. They bought several dehumidifying products that didn’t work too well, because they were not securely fixed in the car and you could not tell if they were still working. I came up with the idea that a dehumidifier could be safely mounted in the car’s cup-holder, a common feature in most cars. Furthermore, if an indicating desiccant was used and the container itself was transparent, the user could see it working and know when it was fully saturated. I also realised that damp cars often smell horrible, so why not include an air freshener too? I brought all these ideas together to create Xorbit and went on to win my school STEM competition, ‘most innovative product’ at Big Bang Near Me and a Gold Crest Award. Most recently I was awarded Winner in the Engineering/Technology stream of the National Science and Engineering Competition in the Junior age category.