The Product

Xorbit is a combined car dehumidifier and air freshener with a difference. Its unique cup-shaped design allows it to be securely mounted in the car’s cup-holder without obstructing the driver’s hands, feet or view of the road. Xorbit uses the latest environmentally friendly indicating silica gel, contained within a perforated inner core to optimise air flow. The outer cup and inner core are transparent so the user can watch the silica gel change colour as it adsorbs water.

An air freshener element tops off the product, available in seven colours and fragrances, Berry Blast, Lemon Zest, Pine Fresh, Sea Breeze, Rose Garden, Natural and Lavender.


Most of Xorbit’s components may be recycled when it is no longer needed. Xorbit is a unique and eco-friendly solution to the combined problems of misting up and bad odours inside a damp car.